Check Out These 3 Ultimate Guides On How To Take Your Furry Friend(s) Onboard.

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They say curiosity kills the cat! Are you ‘furry-ous’ too how to take you’re your pet(s) with you on the plane? For most cases, you will need to check with your airline first whether they are ‘Pet-Friendly Airline’. This is because, not all airlines will let your pet fly with you. In Malaysia, the only pet-friendly airline is Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flights.

Before you take your pets straight to a check-in counter at the airport, please follow the following procedures to avoid getting “Maaf Cik, walaupun haiwan peliharaan Cik comel, tapi kami tidak dapat benarkan ia untuk berlepas dengan Cik” remark.

Check out the following tips and procedures on how you can bring along that cute pet of yours with you onboard:

1) Getting an Import Permit

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In order to do this, you will first need to have your pet vaccinated (including Rabisin) and microchiped. You may do so by taking your pet to the nearest veterinary clinic. Please note that not all veterinary clinics offer microchipping so you will need to do a little bit of research which clinic can perform this service. Simply, when you reach the clinic, you will need to inform the Vet in charge beforehand about taking them with you on the plane. Let them know you want your pet vaccinated (again, do not forget to mention Rabisin) and microchipped. By end of treatment, make sure the Vet provides you a medical card / Pet Passport of your pet because you will need this when applying for the Import and Export permits later.

There are many agents who offer this service locally and internationally and prices may vary depending their services. Qysya Qingdom Cattery is one of the most reliable pet relocators in Malaysia and was founded back in August 14, 2015 by Hasanudin. To proceed with your Import permit application, you may either use pet agent or do it by yourself (unless stated by the country of destination).

If you decide to DIY in order for your application to be processed, you will need to prepare the Pet Passport and proof of vaccination and your pet’s microchip number attached in your pet’s passport. You will then need to locate a local Veterinary Health Services office in the importing country for ‘Importation and Exportation’ service and complete the application. Make sure you have all your documents ready to avoid unnecessary problems. Do-it-yourself may save you a lot of money and it is more recommended only if you have local friends or family that will be able to assist you with the application. However, if you are planning to fly with your pet abroad, it is advisable to contact local pet agent to handle the case.

On another note, please be aware that procedures may vary depending on each country. Australia, for example, is very strict with its importation policy. “Your cat can only be exported to Australia after 180 days from the time of blood sampling for the rabies neutralizing antibody titre test (RNATT)”.

Don’t forget to do research on the country of destination before you proceed with the application. Some countries take longer time due to blood-sampling for the rabies, some countries like Myanmar and Malaysia do not require any blood-sampling test at all.

Should you decide to contact any pet agent on your pet’s relocation, make sure you meet the agent in person first, discuss and then negotiate the price before you agree using their services. This will build trust among you and the agent and this will lessen the worries in the future.

2) Getting an Export Permit

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In Malaysia, the case is a little different. You are bound to use Pet Transport Agent / Relocator to proceed with your Export Permit application. Any application done by individuals who are not registered as Pet Agent / Relocator under MAQIS (Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services) will not be entertained at all. If you can’t find any pet agent that can help you with the relocation of your pet, you may contact Qysya Qingdom Cattery and they will be gladly to help you on the relocation as well as to provide you the best service at a very reasonable price.

First they will need to have information of your pet’s vaccinations including Rabisin as well as your pet’s mirochip number. Then, they will set a date for your pet’s health check up at least 7 days prior to departure. It is your responsible to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy before flying. This is because your pet must attend the health check up in order to get a permission so they could fly on the plane with you.

The vet will perform an examination on your pet to make sure they are healthy and safe to fly. Once approved, it’ll take about one to three days for the export permit to be issued. Once issued, you will need to take both your import permit and export permits along with other necessary documents to the veterinary hospital to obtain the Health Certificate.

3) Owner’s responsibility to inform the reservation agent / representative

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After getting all of the necessary documents, it is your responsibility to contact the reservation agent about your intention to fly with your pet. Usually, the reservation agent will ask you about your pet’s health documents, import and export certificates, the kind of animal, weight of the cage including the animal.

During the call, do not forget to ask about the excess baggage charges for your pet. This will help you to set aside and be prepared on how much it will cost you during the check-in period at the airport. For more accurate information, you may go straight to the airport and ask what you can expect and what to do on the day of your departure.

For more information on carriage of domestic pets on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flights, please click on the following link to read more about the policy. 

Let’s refresh your memory:

  • Make appointment with your local Vet and bring your pet to get vaccinations including Rabisin and Microchipped.
  • Contact your family or friends in the country of destination to contact the local Veterinary Health Service office on behalf of you to proceed with the Import Permit. You then will need to prepare all necessary documents for the application to be processed,


  • Reach our to any local Pet Agent / Relocator to help you with the Import Permit application. Please note that charges might be a little expensive since they will need to use outsource agent in your country of destination. Get all your necessary documents ready for the agent so they may proceed with your application.
  • Once an import permit has been issued to you, contact / inform your local pet agent to prepare an Export Permit. 7 days prior to your departure, they will bring your pet to a respective Veterinary Health office/ hospital to have your pet examined by a qualified and assigned Vet. Your pet’s health will determine whether they will be granted permission to fly or not. Ensure your pet is healthy before flying.
  • Obtain all the necessary documents from the Veterinary Health Office and inform the respective reservation agent about your pet flying with you.
  • On the day of your departure, please be at the airport at least 3 to 4 hours earlier. When you arrive at the airport, simply take your luggages as well as your pet to the check-in counter. The airlines representative will entertain you.
  • Oh, and again don’t forget to bring along your pets after all of the procedures that you have been through! And, happy flying!

If you have experience bringing your pet onboard with you, please do share it with us! We would like to hear your experience and your tips might help others who would like to take their pet with them on the plane as well!


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