6 Easy Ways To Stay Safe While Shopping Online


The Internet’s growth has been phenomenal to people all around the world and thanks to the colossal part of the Internet technology that enables us to communicate, sell, and also buy from every part of the globe. With the presence of the Internet, it is relatively easier to shop online rather than to queue up in the physical store for something we want to purchase.


However, cybercriminals are moving along at par with the advancement of the technology and they enjoy manipulating one’s ease and making it to their win. Hence, here are six simple practices you can follow to avoid these cybercriminals and to stay safe when you shop online.


1) Change your password regularly. Changing of password can be an uneasy task and we often leave it with the same password for an extended period of time and this will compromise the security.


With the Internet crimes turn out to be common in everyday life, it is very crucial to choose a strong password with a combination of upper and lowercase with numbers or symbols and make sure to change it regularly. Changing your password is a also a trouble-free task and can be done promptly.


2) Make sure to log out every session. Next, ensure to log out every session after you have finished making your purchases or when you logged in to websites that require login details together with the password.


The account that is still logged in after you’ve done shopping still stores your cookies and this makes your account becomes insecure ang this will put your account as risk to be hacked by irresponsible cybercriminals.


3) Browsing with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The added ‘S’ at the back of HTTP means that the method of sending your information is secure. When opening websites that involve sensitive data transactions or user login details for shopping, you need to check the URL and be extra careful with the data you share, and always check for the HTTPS extension of the URL.


If the website does not contain ‘S’ in the URL, it is best that you do not log into it as you might be a prey to a phishing scam and your credentials will be vulnerable to hackers.


4) Do not use public Wi-Fi. You are placing yourself and your information for identity theft anytime you key in personal information using a public network. Information that you sent over the public Wi-Fi could be picked by stranger, and please opt out from using public Wi-Fi when you shop online.  Do not use public hotspot to purchase online, so that it won’t be easy for hackers at your neighborhood or surrounding to steal your data.


You might need to control your urge to shop until you get home and have a protected network. Though it might be a hassle, but it’s going to be much safer than using a public Wi-Fi. Plus, you’re going to save a lot of your money spending on coffee that you can freshly brew yourself at home by skipping your favourite chill place.


5) Use familiar/popular websites. Use only well-known and recognizable websites or brands when you decide to shop online. Do not visit any website that appears to be shady. During the checkout, if the site is asking too much information regarding your credentials, it is possible that the website is one of many tactics done by scammers to woo you into their trap. If you feel suspicious, log out and close the website immediately.


6) Do not click on fake links. On the other hand, be careful with hoaxer too as they can create look-alike popular websites in order to trap in gullible victims. That being said, do not click on or follow any random link sent to your email and do not provide any financial or personal information as the email requires you to do so.


These are tactics done by cybercriminals as they want to target your credit card and any other valuable credentials. Real merchants do not ask personal information through an E-mail, but scammers do!


In the nutshell, always be wary of your surroundings and practice good habits while shopping online. Contact your bank as soon as possible if you believe you have been targeted as a victim by hackers. You will also need to lodge a police report to help many other online shoppers who are still unaware of these irresponsible cybercriminals and their tactics.


At Mobile Muslim, we strive our best to ensure that you will have the best and worry-free online shopping experience with us. Please report to us if you find any suspicious individuals on our website.



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