Earning Money Is As Easy As Typing Mobile Muslim Into Your Browser


They say the first step is the hardest to make, but not when you know how to do it. With Mobile Muslim, buying and selling are made as simple as possible for you because in today’s world, almost everything revolves around technology and this has step up today’s e-commerce game ever since. Basically, a marketplace is an online platform, where sellers come and sell their products or services on a platform that is shared by many other sellers as well.


For example, “Product Marketplaces” like Amazon, eBay and Ali Express are where people are able to sell and buy products that also provide auction or bidding section. Another example of marketplace is a “Hybrid Marketplace” such as Craigslist, where people can sell and buy both services and products listed on the platform.

Who Are We?

At Mobile Muslim, we provide one solution for Muslim Ummah, where we want to create a Muslim to Muslim (M2M) marketplace after seeing a gap in M2M transaction in mobile space. Our main goal is to create a vibrant and convenient platform for Muslims to buy and sell between Muslims nearby.


It is also the first Muslim shopping app in Malaysia that focuses and emphasizes on Muslim community needs, no matter where they are in the world. Having that said, we are on a mission to making M2M transaction as easy as possible while empowering economic advancement of the Ummah.

It’s So Simple To Register With Mobile Muslim

As mentioned above, we want to provide an easy platform and user-friendly app for everyone to be able to use at ease. Below you will find step-to-step guide on how to register with us and start selling your products or services right away!


Making Extra Side Money Has Never Been Easier Than This

You can simply type in our website name into your browser and press Enter to proceed. When you reach our homepage, you will see our simple mobile-friendly page and that is exactly where you will need to be to start listing your first item or service and start earning money right away.


As you notice, there is a three line icon at the top corner of the website and you can click on the icon to register. Another way to perform this action is to download our mobile-friendly app on Google Play Store and then everything else will be magic!

Mobile Muslim – Homepage


Next, click on the login tab and it will navigate you to a half-page on the right side so that you can register with us immediately. You will need to use a valid email address to register with us and create a username that you desire and enter a strong combination password to help strengthen your account security. A unique and iconic username should be used especially if consumers or buyers are already familiar with your business or products.

Mobile Muslim – Registration/Login


Once you have inserted all of the required credentials, then voila! You can now start listing your products or business by simply clicking on the Sell tab and it will take you to another page that will let you choose from different categories. If you are selling beauty products or healthy drinks, you can choose our Muslim Health/Beauty.


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Meanwhile, if you own a private dental clinic like Dr. Qaseh or create educational toys like Reqa, you may want to make your list on Muslim Business or Muslim Service.

Mobile Muslim – Sell


Listing your products is very simple. All you need to have is pictures that you would like to showcase on your “sell space” and insert all of the remaining info as shown in the picture. To strengthen your selling point, it is highly recommended to upload clear and interesting pictures to woo potential buyers out there.

Mobile Muslim – Upload Product


As for buyers, you can find products, services, homestays or even food on Mobile Muslim and that is as easy as chatting with the sellers. If you are interested to enquire about the products or services, it is recommended to click on the Chat to Buy first to negotiate with the seller.


If you need a personal Financial Planner who is keen to help with your investment or retirement plan, you can hola at Syikin AlfianOr if you need a beautiful portrait of yours drawn and sketched as well ordering homemade arts for special occasion, you can contact Alyaa, a very talented lady who makes beautiful arts and crafts anytime you need it.

Mobile Muslim – Dr Qaseh Profile


Now, isn’t that simple with just a simple click, you are now connected to all of these people who are selling their products or services and within few minutes or hours, you will get your feedback right away at the tip of your finger!

Mobile Muslim – Chat


Next, an email notification will be sent to seller for the first time and that indicates there are potential buyers on Mobile Muslim that are ready to chat with you. If you are using the app on your smartphone, you will immediately receive a notification from Mobile Muslim and you can start chatting with your potential buyers right away without having to use a web browser!


While you are at it, please practice precautions when shopping online and stay safe from cybercriminals.


In our recent updates, we have upgraded and enabled the Nearby Mosque function that will let sellers choose nearby mosque. This function will serve as a landmark for other sellers or buyers to know your location by selecting any nearby mosque within the proximity of your whereabouts.


Image Credit: upload.wikimedia.org


Moreover, we believe that mosque is a Holy place that should also be the centre for economic growth, and that involves selling and buying especially for small entrepreneurs to promote their products or services and made known to public. This is one of our initiatives to give back to community and to create opportunity for everyone.


We hope our instructions are clear and simple to understand and we welcome any feedback and suggestion from anyone. We strive to be one of the leading Muslim marketplaces in Malaysia and in the world to help Muslim Ummah buying and selling with ease.

About Mobile Muslim

Mobile Muslim Marketplace

Mobile Muslim is a marketplace specifically for Muslim sellers and Muslim buyers. We put in effort to connect Muslim sellers and Muslim buyers to make the convenient ‘Halal World’ around their fingertips. We offer sellers a platform for them to make listing of their products, services, events and even fashions to reach their target audience. We offer buyers a platform for them to search and find Halal product or services such as Muslim tours, Muslim homestay abroad as well as cheap Muslim wedding planner businesses.

Mobile Muslim is available on Google Play for Android users.

For Apple users, we are available on WWW.MOBILEMUSLIM.COM

Mobile Muslim – For Greater Ummah.

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