This Hipster Café In Cyberjaya Is ‘Harvesting’ The Food They Are Serving

No, we don’t literally mean harvesting. What we do mean is this is definitely a must-visit café in Cyberjaya. Harvest Food and Coffee was founded two years ago and has been serving quality and homemade food in an arty atmosphere accompanied by downbeat tempo music that will make you fall in love with the environment instantly!

According to Poriya, the owner of Harvest Food and Coffee, “Our main goal is to treat our customer right and to make them happy. We will strive our best to provide the best food in town and to create different and unique ambient when they are inside our café.”

The café is situated within 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur and 15 minutes to KLIA and the location is pretty strategic for travelers commuting from KLIA to the city centre and vice versa.

“Often we have travelers coming from the city centre stopping by our café and chill here for a few hours (and sometimes they take nap as well) as a transit place before going to the airport to catch their plane,” said Poriya.

He then added, “Our café is pretty spacious with ample space to move around. You can find books to read alongside beautiful art images on the wall.”

“We Serve Only Healthy Food, We Promise” – No Joking, They Really Do


If you expect to find a healthy, stealthy full plate filled with lettuce and other vegetables, you must be one strict vegan follower. What you’ll find is something more delicious than just green vegetables.

Imagine a juicy grilled chicken covered in a soft grilled beef with perfect combination of berries and mushrooms. This will definitely be your favourite dish of the month. The mounting aroma of brisket is enough to make you pull your hands up and call for the waiter and say “I would like to order another delicious Beef Roll please”. Another.

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Or imagine a 300g of double homemade beef patties topped with mushroom, chicken pepperoni, salami, grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions and layers of melted cheddars with your choice of condiments. Not to mention, healthy sesame bread handcrafted with fresh whole-wheat flour. This is not only delicious, but also one healthy meal that will fill you up and curb your appetite.

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But to our fellow vegetarians and vegans, if you still insist on sticking to greens, then worry not. They do have special meals specifically for all of you including vegetarian lasagna, pasta and many more.

They Serve Everything From Scratch

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People say good things come to those who wait. Well, in this case, healthy foods come to those who wait, very patiently. The average serving time is between 5 to 20 minutes.

Usually, dishes like lasagna, grilled burgers, pasta and pizzas are served within 20 minutes. This is because they make their food from scratch and they do not serve frozen prepared meals bought outside like some other restaurant that claimed to serve healthy meals.

On the other hand, not only main dishes are made from zero, their cakes and cookies are also homemade and made with healthy ingredients. The selection of handmade cakes and cookies is sure to seduce your appetite, ranging from variety of flavours with family recipes that have been handed down through generations. The volume of each beverage speaks about ‘maintaining the heritage and originality of each flavour’.

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Other than their scrumptious dishes, they also serve the best coffee in town, made from fresh Premium Arabica Beans from Colombia. According to Poriya, “Our coffee is freshly brewed and you could smell the aroma the second you enter our premise”.

“As for leaves, I planted my own mint leaves and bring them to café so I could serve fresh mint leaves to my customers. Again, my customers’ happiness is of paramount importance”, added him.

Wedding Photography? Birthday Party? Music Video? Don’t Worry, They’ve Got You Covered

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Yes, you read it right. You can use their place for any occasion like wedding photography, birthday party, and music video. The open space upstairs is a great space for community event setting like arts, culture and even private events for vendors who need a place to rent.

If you need to use the space for wedding photography session, they will prepare you props and they will decorate the area according to your request at very reasonable price.

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For birthday party occasion, you will only need to inform Poriya in advance to discuss with him the flow of the event. Poriya said, “We often have birthday celebration at our café and it makes me happy to see people choose my café to celebrate another great year of their loved ones.”

“We also provide birthday packages to suit your budget”, said Poriya. “We serve cake, pizza, pasta and other meals and beverages in accord to your budget and choice of package. Just inform us and consider it done”, added him.

In our opinion, this is definitely hands down one of the coolest fusion cafés that you need to add to your ‘food hunting’ list. Or if you are among foodies (or a self-declared foodie, really, no shame on that) on Instagram, this is definitely a place you need to be at to document your foodporn experience, savouring its tantalizing dishes from mouthwatering meats to yummy deserts!


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