GRID 9 Is A Muslim-Friendly Hotel That Suits Every Budget

Five days ago I was trying to find a perfect Muslim-friendly hostel/hotel to review in order to help fellow Muslim travellers and backpackers picking a good place to stay.

As an avid traveller myself, I always find that searching for a good hostel or hotel that can suit my needs can be daunting. The process per se is pretty tiring and challenging, and that includes reading reviews online and comparing prices on multiple websites to get the best deal.

However, if you already know what your niche or needs are that should be maintained while you are travelling, the worrying of picking up the best hostel/hotel might seem less troublesome.

For my own comfortable needs and it-feels-like-home feeling, it will require these 5 following criteria:

  1. Clean and comfy bed and pillow(s).
  2. Spacey bathroom (preferably en-suite).
  3. Social area (networking with other travellers – if you are lucky, you can find hostel/hotel with billiard and bean bags).
  4. Free flow of water/drinks/tea/coffee (breakfast is optional).
  5. Quiet surrounding.

For that reasons, I took my chances and booked a room at GRID 9 Hotel. The moment I reached the hotel I fell in love with the place instantly. Its beautiful minimalist concept yet affordable is definitely a yes-go for me. Here are 5 things that you will find useful about the hotel.

1) Room Types


The hotel offers 7 types of rooms to suit your taste and budget. There are two types of dormitory rooms and if you feel like more is merrier you can choose a 6-Bed-Dorm while the other is 4-Bed-Dorm, should you need less people to stay with.


They also offer rooms for those who like to fly solo, stay solo and be solo. You can opt for a Single Room with a super single bed for your own comfort, or go back to dormitory and make friends (no more solo).

Queen VS King

The DTXR Crib

If you are still reading, then you must be feeling so anxious to know whether they have rooms for two. Yes, of course they do, because if they don’t, then you will have to stay at the social area (the bean bags are awesome you will fall asleep on them).

En-Suite Bathroom

You can choose whether to stay in a Double or Twin Bed Room. These standard rooms are cozy enough with en-suite bathroom. But if you feel you need to be a King for a night or two and in need of slightly bigger rooms then you can opt for their The DTXR Crib, comes with a King size bed or twin beds option.

Family Comes First

If you are in a group of three, or you are travelling with a family of three then this option would be the best. The La Familia offers three single beds and the room has an extra space so you could store your luggage in the room comfortably. Now all you gotta do is to play the rock-scissor-paper hand game to determine who gets to choose the best bed! All the best guys.

2) Location

The hotel is situated in a city centre area and is within 10-minute walk of Chinatown. The Jalan Maharajalela Monorail Station is just next to the hotel and one can simply reach the station in a minute. No kidding. You can also easily find taxi nearby the hotel or use your ride-sharing app to request your ride.

Keycard Lock with “Get Lost” Sign

On a side note, the hotel is located on a busy road. However once you step inside the property, the only sound you can hear is your room calling you on loop. That’s how magical this place is!

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3) Comfort

I can conclude that one of the reasons for me to keep coming back is because of the bed. The bed is super soft and super comfy and you’ll forget what time it is when you wake up the next morning.

Another note that I can conclude is that the surrounding is very quiet. You won’t know if there are actually people staying in any room because the surrounding is very peaceful.

Social Area

Social Area: Bean Bags and TV

There’s also a social area/common area located next to the front desk, where you can mingle with other travellers or backpackers and network with them. If you feel you are too shy to talk, there’s always a flat-screen TV and you can watch your favourite movie or whatever movie is being aired (and even if it’s not your favourite, you’ll just have to watch it).

Oh and did I mention about their cool billiard? You can always invite other travellers to join you and one game only costs you RM2, which if you really need to tong-tong (split your money) it’ll only cost you 50 cents each (seriously, it’s only RM2, no need to tong-tong la)!

Social Area: Billiard

And seriously, if you feel like doing nothing at all, just choose any one of your favourite bean bags, sit tight, close your eyes and listen to your music.

4) Restaurant

This photo of Grid 9 Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor: Big Breakfast

The restaurant is located on the Ground Floor. You can choose variety of options ranging from local to western cuisine. For your information, all food served here is Halal.

5) Facilities

Rooms: ★★★☆☆.

Internet: Free WiFi.

Access: Elevator/staircase.

Restaurant: Muslim-Friendly and available on Ground floor.

Drinks: Free flow of water next to front desk.

Social Area: Billiard, bean bags, board games, desktops and movie area.

Parking: Off-street parking available adjacent to the hotel. RM5/per day.

Overall experience, I would rate my stay as above average. Though most of the aspects at the hotel are excellent, the WiFi connection surely does need more improvement. The friendliness of the staff can also be enhanced by smiling a lot more. Needless to say, I would definitely return here and enjoy my movie while sitting on one of the lovely bean bags (the red Roxanne is definitely my favourite now)!

More Pictures

Clean Towels


Instant Water Heater


Shower Gel & Shampoo


Hotel Hallway


With Added Security: Swing Bar Lock


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