Home Cleaning Service: Cleaner Or Messier Home – The Choice Is Yours.

Home is a place where you put all of your worries and mess from the outside world; but dirts and thrashes shouldn’t be any of them! That’s why we provide all-you-need home cleaning service for a cleaner and brighter home.

Aside from being true to the saying ‘Home Sweet Home’, a home is also a special place that caters to your needs like your personal space, sleeping space, a small gathering space with your family and friends or even your own personal gateway. 

Home Cleaning Service by Mobile Muslim

We provide basic home cleaning, spring cleaning, house relocation service, moving-in cleaning and office cleaning. We would like to help you achieve your dream home so please do not hesitate to let us know about your problems and we will help you solve them!

Bedroom Cleaning

No time to change the bedsheets? Floors and cupboards are dusty? Drawers are unorganized? (Pssst, the t-shirt in your section might not be yours too!) No worries, we are here to do it for you! 

Living Room Cleaning

Did we hear you say “Please, I need help with mopping, brooming, and vacuuming my living hall.” Fret not ladies, we will do it to fulfil your wants and needs. 

You haven’t heard the best part yet, that we also provide a vacuum cleaner to make your life easier. You don’t need to invest on one if you still haven’t any. We will bring ours, and the rest is history!

Bathroom Cleaning

Abang, tolong la basuhkan lantai tu, I dah tak sanggup nak guna toilet ni dah!” Screamed the wifey at the hubby.  Dear gentlemen, if you’re experiencing this at the moment, you know that it is time to dial up the number and call us.

Your bathroom floor will be spotless, and before you know it, we are already on our way to cleaning your kitchen now.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen plays a pivotal role in any relationship. Ayee, we don’t mean to be all cliche, but a kitchen is the second most important place in the house because all the nice food come from here.

Now to all hubbies out there, when your wife cooks for you, you faham-faham lah to help them cleaning afterwards. But, if you too are tired, then it’s time for you to call professionals to help get the cleaning done.

Some of us spend most of our days working and staying outside, and some of us just don’t have the energy to manjakan our own personal space. 

So now, if you need some help with the cleaning, just say it already, we’ve got you all covered! Best kan?

If you need to book a slot, click this link to proceed with the booking. If you need to speak or WhatsApp our team, please do so at the following number: +6 012 – 510 5010.

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